Fisheries and Food Security in the Commonwealth

A report by The Environment Justice Foundation gives an insight into the state of marine capture fisheries across 47 of the Commonwealth’s member countries. The report highlights just how important fisheries are to Commonwealth food security. In some countries they provide as much as 65% of all animal protein consumed. Across the commonwealth, Fisheries employ over 72 million people and provide 24% of all animal protein consumed.

To learn more about why fisheries are so critical to Commonwealth Countries, download the report below

About The Environmental Justice Foundation

The Environmental Justice Foundation works to Protect People and Planet, promoting environmental security as a basic human right.

EJF’s oceans campaign is working to protect the marine environment, its biodiversity and the livelihoods dependent upon it. We seek to achieve this through investigations and global advocacy to end illegal fishing; working directly with grassroots environmental advocates to protect keystone species including sharks and turtles; and to promote community co-management of marine protected areas and fish stocks.

EJF’s work has directly led to the introduction of new laws and policies in Spain and South Korea, alongside arrests, fines and de-flagging of vessels found to be fishing illegally in West Africa. Our work with communities and with an at-sea research vessel led to the collection of evidence that led to the flight of Korean industrial vessels from Sierra Leone’s waters, and shows how we can all play an important role in ending illegal fishing and promoting a healthy ocean.