A Grange Kind of Love
Beverley Julien Sealey
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Sony DSC-W120 Cybershot
Image caption:

The photograph shows the gleam and beauty of the sea as the sun sets. It seems even more radiant, it's calm and warmth of the quiet tide beckons boy and girl, man and woman to come and enjoy. The image is relevant to the category because it shows that as the light of day says goodbye, the approach of the darkness is not a deterrent for us, we forever have a love and desire for the waters that surround us. Whatever the time of day the sea never loses its beauty, it never sleeps. The Grange Beach in Tobago is always magnificent and enticing and should be published so that we never forget that the sea welcomes and caresses us at any time. We are always happy having spent time together. It's indeed a Grange kind of Love.

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