Blackpool Tourist Hotspots.
Laura Hacking
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Canon EOS 100D.
Image caption:

This image is a five image panorama of Blackpool Central Pier and Blackpool Tower. For many years, tourists have flocked to Blackpool to walk on the pier and to go to the top of the famous tower. The panorama was shot during low season on a quiet day as I believe that the emptiness of the beach shows just how important tourists are to these structures and thus to the economy of the town. Without people, these places have no use or meaning and look lonely sat on the shore just waiting to be used. Healthy marine environments allow the economy of towns such as Blackpool to grow as people visit to use the beach, paddle in the sea, walk on the pier and go inside the tower. If the beach was filthy, people would be less tempted to visit. If the pier eroded due to polluted water, it would need a lot more repair work to maintain it which would be a loss for the owners. This image is relevant as it highlights just how important tourism is and this is why it should be published. The image has been converted into black and white, lightly sharpened and the contrast was slightly boosted. I used a tripod to create a long exposure.

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