Highly Commended - Nature's Assets
Blue Solitude
Laura Storm
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets Winners' Gallery
Camera Used:
Canon 550D, 15mm fisheye lens. Sea & Sea RDX550D housing. Natural Light.
Image caption:

Above this beautiful, clear blue expanse, the ocean was wild. The swell was a good two metres and conditions were challenging to say the least. I was freediving in the remote, turquoise waters off Bimini, hoping to capture some cetacean behavioural images. Out of the blue, a baby Atlantic spotted dolphin appeared; inquisitive, playful and completely trusting of my presence. Dolphin action is always fast-paced and lively. They are extremely intelligent, charismatic creatures and one of my favourites to interact with; not least because they spin rings around you! Working with the swell at the surface, I wanted to capture an image with a hint of the topside turbulence; an alternative view which illustrates that this serenity underwater is up to us to protect. And that we land-inhabiting custodians are becoming increasingly aware of the fragile balance in hand.

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