Overall Competition and Nature's Assets Winner
Breath of Fresh Air
Ashley Wee
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets Winners' Gallery
Camera Used:
Nikon Lumix, waterproof point & shoot
Image caption:

While snorkeling just off the north coast of Nassau, Bahamas, I came upon a group of sea turtles — about 6 or 7 of them. As we drifted within a few feet of them, these turtles were not disturbed by human presence as they maintained a quiet and natural demeanor. One in particular caught my attention, as it was bobbing at the surface. It made me think about this animal and how it was affected by things both above and below the ocean.
Nature will always continue to impress us with its beauty and it is something we must not take for granted. As humans, we need to learn to appreciate this beauty without disturbing it in order to ensure preservation for future generations.

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