Byron Bay at Sunset, with Surfers
Jason Groves
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Over 18s
People And The Oceans
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I grew up near the beaches of Sydney, with its culture of surfing, life saving and fun. Every night, no matter the hour, I would take a detour on my ride home and spend time watching the moonlight dance on the waves. It was powerful connection with the beauty of nature. Then 17 years ago I moved to London with its vibrant and exciting multicultural melting pot. But I missed the surf. So every time I go back to Australia, I take an image that I can look at to remind me of my homeland and make me look forward to next time. This photo was taken one night after a long walk on the beach at Byron Bay, sitting watching the surfers ride the daylight's final waves. Then, all of a sudden, through the clouds, the sun struck the sand. I took my phone out of my pocket and captured the glorious moment. I can't wait for my next visit.

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