Carrbridge Storm Water
David Shillabeer
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Sony DSC - W30
Image caption:

This picture was taken from the road overlooking the River Dulnain and pack horse bridge, which was built in 1717 and damaged in the Great Moray Flood of 1829. It was 10.32 on the morning of 24th June 2007. This year was a record in June for total rainfall. Over 150mm fell over parts of Scotland with 250mm locally in some places. This represents over 3 times the average rainfall. The estimated average frequency of occurrence (return period) of these high totals is over 200 years. Since 2007 it appears to be becoming the norm. As a consequence, high run off from the land is polluting the seas with agri chemicals and pesticides. To give the picture a brown foreboding look which a polluted world could look like, I de-saturated the original image to black and white. The image was then duo toned with the brown. The duo tone image was then layered on top of the original and the river water colour popped though the layer.

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