Crosby Pipeline.
Laura Hacking
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Canon EOS 100D
Image caption:

The outfall pipe at Crosby was chosen as a subject for this competition as these pipes are believed to be controversial in their use. Listed advantages of these pipes are those such as the contents being dumped into the sea are diluted, dispersed and often submerged due to their depth. I believe these advantages to be only to people and not to the marine environment. Pollutants are being pumped into the sea which is ruining the quality of our sea water because it seems to be cheaper than cleaning the water beforehand. It could be argued that building a treatment works to clean the water beforehand could be more detrimental to the environment so I believe that this is something which needs to be considered. When walking along many beaches such as Crosby, I have found oily, black slime under my feet rather than sand. Surely pumping all this waste into the sea is partly the cause of this. For this reason, I think that this is an important image for both this competition and publication.The image has been converted into black and white, lightly sharpened and the contrast was slightly boosted. I used a tripod to create a long exposure.

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