Winner - Human Impacts
Dangerous Traffic
Athol Moult
Age Group:
Over 18s
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Human Impacts Winners' Gallery
Camera Used:
Nikon F5
Image caption:

I watched as the three sharks were offloaded from the roof of a taxi, onto a market street in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The flesh would be sold for local consumption while the valuable fins would be destined for export to the East. As the poverty line in most African countries continues to fall, the Indian Ocean trade with the East in shark fin rises exponentially, along with increasing human contamination by alarmingly high levels of metal mercury found in the fish. More importantly, shark fins from the region are supporting a burgeoning and unsustainable demand in the East for wild animal products.
This image captures the hustle and bustle of the shark fin trade in Africa and the pressure man is exerting on the shark populations through overfishing and pollution. The people move around the sharks, not realising that although they are now dead they still need to fear for their lives.

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