Desperate Breath
Ismael Nakhuda
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
GoPro Hero 3
Image caption:

This photo shows an endangered Green Turtle, as it surfaces for air in the crystal clear waters of Barbados during a boat trip. The relevance of this photograph to the category "Nature's Assets" is paramount, as the Green Turtle is essential to not only the health of the world's largest ecosystem, but assists in the building of the economies of some countries and islands. The Green Turtle promotes growth of sea grass beds, provides habitat for many marine organisms, and assists in providing nutrition to many beaches across the globe. In addition, tourists flock by the thousands to various destinations around the world to get a glimpse of, and possibly swim with, these majestic creatures, which increases the revenue earned by these countries, thus assisting the economy. The publication of this photo is important as it increases awareness of the beauty and necessity of these endangered creatures. Photo edited using autofix and auto-contrast features of Pixlr application.

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