Discarded Fishing Line
Alison Perkins
Age Group:
Over 18s
New Zealand
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Canon 5D Mark II
Image caption:

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is a hot spot for tourism and water-based activities. There is increasing degradation of the underwater environment with the ever-intensifying pressure of human activity. The community has been engaged in a proposal to protect a portion of the Bay of Islands. However, no agreement has been reached to offer any kind of permanent marine protection to the area. Opposition from select individuals brings to a halt the desires of the majority to take proactive action. Descending on a technical scuba dive to 45 metres, I was alarmed to find the beautiful marine scene draped in discarded fishing line and dotted with abandoned crayfish pots. The discarded remains of human activity now impact what once was a pristine marine environment. It left me deeply concerned for the future of the area, its underwater environment and inhabitants, both of the human and marine animal kind.

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