Enjoying the Nightlife
David Agius
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
Olympus Tough TG2 iHS
Image caption:

This image shows a hermit crab in the popular Cirkewwa Dive Site, Malta during a night dive since these crabs are mostly nocturnal creatures.

The beauty of this crab in its unusual appearance should not overshadow the ability of this crab to do like humans and change house once it outgrows it. The shell is discarded and the crab finds a larger one to inhabit, whilst the older one is available for re-use by smaller homeseekers.

This particular crab also has at least three Hermit Anemones living on its shell which form a symbiotic relationship with mutual benefits, whereby the Anemones thrive on the feeding scraps of the crab whilst the crab enjoys the protection offered by the Anemone's tentacles which can sting predators.

Recycling and Teamwork, taught to us by these beautiful but sometimes overlooked amazing creatures!

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