Fishing Nests
Nikki Hinton
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Canon 7D
Image caption:

Grassholm Island is just off the coast of Wales. The gannets nesting on the island are tight for space, but not only that, they pick their nesting materials from items they find around the coastline. Here you can see the huge piles of fishing netting, line, and rope the gannets have collected for their nests. Volunteers go on to the island occasionally to untangle birds and chicks caught in the netting.
This clearly shows the impact that human fishing activities is having on these birds, and it is important to make people aware that carelessness with fishing equipment and plastic waste is negatively effecting our marine environment.
It is important to spread images like these that show people the impact they are having is very real. Seeing these islands off the coast is not a day to day occurrence, so publishing photographs that highlight these issues to people is imperative to affect change.

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