Follow that ship!
Rodney Yates
Age Group:
Over 18s
United Kingdom
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
Pentax K-R
Image caption:

Gannets across the North Sea contend for the sustenance of fishing with the human pressures on the same source of food. So when EU fisheries ordain that large trawlers should be deployed for fishing in this area, this impacts not only upon smaller fishing enterprises but also upon the gannets. They moderate their behaviour by ceasing to dive spectacularly for their catches, instead being persuaded to follow the trawlers which have depleted the shared fish stocks, in the hope of the regulated jettisoning of dead fish surplus to the prescribed Quotas - the only other option for the continued sustenance of the hard-pressed bird population. An intervention which continues to engage small-scale fishermen would be more bird-friendly and better encourage more sustainable fishing in the longer term.

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