Food, Marina Beach
Raja priya R
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People And The Oceans
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The Marina Beach, covered with glittering golden sand and a clear strip of blue sea, is among the most magnificent beaches in India. Enclosures with palm trees compel you to take a slow and relaxed walk. The horseback ride along the shores will lift up your spirits further. However, swimming and bathing here can be dangerous because of the undercurrent being turbulent and chaotic. But, rest assured, after visiting the beach, you will feel the waves and winds of rejuvenation take hold of your every sense. Various stalls of food items including murukku, sundal, Panju mettayi, ice-cream and other South-Indian snacks are located in its vicinity to curb the cravings of the foodies. An aquarium, situated near the beach, comprises of some of the most astonishing and splendid range of tropical sea and fresh water fish. It gives you a chance to be familiar with the aquatic life and see how God has blessed the sea life of Chennai.

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