Fun at Bar Beach
Afolabi Osunlana
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Image caption:

The Images in this theme was captioned at the Lagos Bar Beach in Nigeria. A lot of families find it pleasant to visit the beach during the holidays and vacation periods. A lot of fun and side attractions were in view during those periods. Be it on their ability to convey the interdependence between the human world and that of the oceans, seas and coastal environments. Most families are always in the mood of jollification while predetermining how healthy marine environments sustain people’s welfare through tourism and adventure is highly recommended. In conclusion, the image shown displays the family of three (3) children including the husband and the wife during their visit to the Bar beach in Lagos state, Nigeria.
I belief the image is important to be published because it truly reveals the african passion about nature, it is a good thing when the family could find time to play and it would communicate a good message to the entire Commonwealth community and the whole world.

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