Hastings fishing boats with storm clouds
Bill Coney
Age Group:
Over 18s
Great Britain
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Fuji Finepix 550 EXR
Image caption:

I photographed this fishing boat near Hastings, on the south coast of England. Hastings is a well-known seaside holiday destination and is also home to Europe's largest fleet of fishing boats launched from the beach. I have no connection to the fishermen but I'm often struck by the contrast between the hardships I imagine they endure and the carefree holidaymakers often to be seen playing and sunbathing around the boats. I felt this was emphasised by seeing how small this one vessel looked whilst out at sea under what seemed to me a threatening sky, yet there was hope it would escape the storm as it sailed into sunlit waters. Maybe this photo will remind us all of the debt we owe to our fishermen. On a technical note, the original image was overexposed so I have corrected the contrast and added a blue monochrome tone which I felt suited the mood of the image.

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