Runner Up Under 18s Category - Human Impacts
Holy waste turns Yamuna unholy
Rajul Saxena
Age Group:
Under 18s
Human Impacts Winners' Gallery
Camera Used:
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Smartphone
Image caption:

"Yamuna, the largest tributary of the revered Ganges, is one of the country's most sacred rivers, and yet perhaps also its dirtiest. Yamuna has sustained India for thousands of years but these days it is reduced to a sewer canal. The image here shows how it is being polluted and how this pollution harms society at large.

Rivers in India are revered as sacred. Despite this, they are being contaminated due to industrial waste, a poor sewage system, soil erosion, saturated landfills, human settlements around the river, agricultural waste and from the dumping of plastic garbage into the river water. Here, rag pickers, scavengers and children, sitting on both sides of self-made rafts, wait for the bags to fall to collect the polythene.
People also wash clothes, utensils and defecate in or around the river, further adding to pollution.

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