Winner - People and the Oceans
In the Middle of Nowhere
Kamarulzaman Russali
Age Group:
Over 18s
Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia
People And The Oceans Winners' Gallery
Camera Used:
Canon EOS 7D
Image caption:

The seascape scene of the “Bajau Laut”, also known as sea gypsies, who live in sprawling settlements on stilts in the middle of the Celebes Sea, near Semporna, off the east coast of Sabah state, Malaysia. The Bajau Laut are one of the marine nomad communities. For centuries, they have lived their lives almost entirely at sea, plying a tract of ocean between Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. They are one of the few nomadic seaborne peoples of the world and spend most of their lives, from birth to old age, on board of boats and stilt houses, and gaining their livelihood from the rich coral reefs in the area. Traditionally, they fish with nets and lines and are expert free divers, going to improbable depths in search of pearls and sea cucumbers or to hunt with handmade spear guns. The Bajau’s uniquely intimate understanding of the ocean and their wider marine conservation strategies reveal the complex relationship they have with the ocean, which is a multifarious and living entity.

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