Infinite but fragile
Pablo Cambranes
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Nikon D3100
Image caption:

The transit flight that takes tourists and locals from Belize City to San Pedro allowed me to capture this shot. From above there is so much to see - the view made me wish the flight was longer since 15 minutes was not enough. Beneath the clear waters we get a glimpse of the distinct marine environments. But above, the main form of transportation between these destinations was captured: a speeding boat. This image is relevant to the category of ‘People and the Oceans’ because of the portrayal of a main use of our seas, transportation for locals and tourists. At the docks we see both local and foreign tourists and travelling workers like hotel personnel and fishers. The image captures how tiny and dependent we are of these vast bodies of water. In the boat, people are travelling for their own purpose but with a similarity of the use of the sea. The image is symbolic of the daily and numerous lives that benefit from water environments.

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