Kirudhooni (Black-Naped Tern)
Abdulla Ameer
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
Canon 60D
Image caption:

Black-Naped Tern – Kirudhooni – in Dhivehi, is sensitive to human disturbance. As surface nesters, nests are vulnerable to disturbances, predation and tidal surges and flooding. This bird is protected under the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act in the Maldives. I took this image on a visit to one of the sandbanks in the Baa Atoll a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. These birds nest on the sandbank and is very shy and fly away quickly when they see people. As more and more tourists come to spend their holidays and resorts have excursions to these sandbanks the birds are subject to loosing their home.

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