Loch Rusky Boats
Shahbaz Majeed
Age Group:
Over 18s
United Kingdom
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Canon EOS-1D X
Image caption:

Loch Rusky is a small fishing loch near Aberfoyle in Scotland surrounded by countryside & forests. On a calm morning, you will easily witness silence & quietness which can be hard to find in this fast paced modern world and you can see why someone would want to come here and spend many hours fishing and just relax.

Places like this are why people will come to the area & participate in fishing activities to support local businesses and boost tourism.

I just liked the simplicity of this view, which we are very lucky to have available to us and which we must preserve as an asset so that such beautiful views can inspire future generations. The boats sitting on the calm loch surrounded by mist along the treeline and with the early morning light providing such soft colours perfectly captures the essence of such scenes.

The image has had dodging/burning applied to parts of the image, with contrast and some sharpening before being cropped and resized.

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