Loch Rusky Photographer
Shahbaz Majeed
Age Group:
Over 18s
United Kingdom
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Canon EOS-1D X
Image caption:

Loch Rusky is a small fishing loch near Aberfoyle in Scotland surrounded by countryside and forests.

I captured this image of a fellow photographer taking an image of the beautiful conditions we were lucky to witness that morning, with the mist, calm conditions and striking sunrise all coming together.

I feel this is quite a powerful image as it outlines the work photographers do and more importantly the impact our images have. Not only do they open the eyes of the world to the locations we photograph and hopefully encourage people to visit these places, but they also depict how important it is to document our surroundings, especially those at risk through our actions or lack thereof.

Hopefully such locations will inspire future generations but the images will at least document our beautiful world, as it is today.

The image has had dodging/burning applied to parts of the image, with contrast and some sharpening before being cropped and resized.

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