Mafia Island Family
Athol Moult
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Nikon D800
Image caption:

I spent one morning with this family on Mafia Island off the coast of Tanzania
The father was using a basket trap to catch reef fish while his daughters were using pieces of wire with sharp hooks fashioned on the one side to catch octopus. Various fishing techniques are used such as basket traps, fence traps, nets as well as different hook and line techniques. More than 500 species of fish are utilized for food with reef fishes being the most important category including emperors, snappers, sweetlips, parrotfish, surgeonfish, rabbitfish, groupers and goatfish. Most of the fish products are used for subsistence purposes.
This image shows how this family exists because of the sea and its bounty it offers them, which seems to be a sustainable resource. Some fishermen however have resorted to dynamite fishing which destroy the reefs that are used by the fish as breeding grounds and threaten the subsistence fishermen's existence.

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