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Nersibelis Rodriguez
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Over 18s
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Canon 7D
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In the south-west of Jamaica, in Whitehouse town, there is a resort located within a 500 acre natural reserve where they get to witness many turtle hatchlings throughout the year. Last season (April - Dec 2014), 19 Hawskbill Turtle nests were found in their beach and over 1000 turtle hatchlings were released.
This little turtle, was the first of over a 100 released into the sea at sunset, helping them make their journey from land to sea.
Thanks to the resort's initiative, this area is now officially a Wildlife Sanctuary that helps to preserve the life of many endangered species in Jamaica including the Hawksbill Turtle. Once a nest has been identified, it is protected and monitored by the Environmental Team at the resort. If the conditions remain favourable, the female adult returns to the same beach were it was born to lay eggs. They hope to keep it that way for many more generations to come.

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