Predatory Perspectives – Chevron Barracuda (Sphyraena genie)
Malcolm Ross
Age Group:
Over 18s
Solomon Islands
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Nikonos RS, 18mm lens, 2 x Nikonos S-104 strobes
Image caption:

On land we behave 2-dimensionally. We walk and look around but rarely look up or down. As a diver you float and add the vertical dimension, stretching our perspectives as you realise, perhaps for the first time, that you are a 3-dimensional being in a 3-dimensional world. Our brain is overwhelmed by this massive increase in sensory input. The crossing bands of Barracuda suggest a strike-out - something is wrong. The diver is not in his natural element, but our empathy with him draws us into the scene: we both belong and don’t belong. As close to nature as can be, part of the flow, but tolerated not accepted as part of their shoal. The aqua-marine colour comes from billions of planktonic plants converting convert 20 times as much CO2 to oxygen as all our planet’s trees and plants enriching the ocean with dissolved oxygen, but gill-less, we cannot breath it. Plankton, animals and plants are the base nutrients for the oceanic food-chains.

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