Quiet Reminder
Chris Lyons
Age Group:
Over 18s
Papua New Guinea
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Sony NEX-3
Image caption:

During a particular moment of the day, the tropical sun beams through to the under-croft bringing with it colours filtered from the foliage above. The result is a wonderful patchwork of green and yellow hues cast down upon the rock-face and water below.

A visitor swims in the small alcove, previously used by the Japanese during WWII. The broad tunnel was used to stash munitions and supplies. Beneath the surface a Japanese wreck lays still on the sea bed, now home to thousands of creatures.

The image is relevant to 'Human Impacts' as it is a reminder of what damage and lasting impact mankind has on the environment, particularly the ocean. Despite the lasting impression of the tunnel in the rock-face, the ocean will slowly consume the wreck below the surface, steadily decaying until nothing is left.

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