Sacred Sea — our cultural heritage
Sherry Heileman
Age Group:
Over 18s
Trinidad & Tobago
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Samsung ST93
Image caption:

This image of the Sewdass Sadhu Shiv Hindu Mandir and "jhandis" in the foreground in Waterloo Bay portrays the ocean’s cultural and religious significance. Once accessible only by boat or at low tide, the temple is now accessible by a causeway. Since time immemorial, we have interacted with the ocean in numerous ways, deriving a multitude of tangible benefits. But the ocean is more than just a provider of things tangible — it forms an important part of our cultural heritage and is vital to our mental and spiritual wellbeing. The cultures and traditions of many people across the globe are intimately linked to the sea. In many religious traditions water is an important symbol of purification, rebirth and fertility. This temple and surroundings are an important place of worship and pilgrimage as well as of meditation, inspiration and relaxation to many. Degradation of the ocean will reduce its aesthetic, cultural and spiritual value — an immeasurable loss for humankind.

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