Sandy Star
Ismael Nakhuda
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
GoPro Hero 3
Image caption:

This photo shows an orange coloured Cushion Sea Star resting on a sandy bed in the shallow, warm waters of Barbados. Sea stars, or Starfish, can be said to be one of nature's many assets, as they are part of the natural food chain in vital ecosystems. This species has long been over-harvested for both the pet and tourism industries and it is essential that they remain bountiful to preserve the natural balance of our oceans. The pollution and over-harvesting of starfish would cause an imbalance in the fragile ecosystem that is our oceans, and can possibly cause permanent damage. The publication of this image will sensitize viewers of the great importance of Sea Stars to the food chain and marine ecosystem as well as enlighten them of their beauty. This photo was taken in Carlisle Bay, Barbados during a sunny day at the beach and edited with the autofix feature of the Pixlr photo editing application.

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