Saves the boat, but destroys aquatic life
David Agius
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Olympus Tough TG2 iHS
Image caption:

The impact of anchoring on reefs and ecosystems is fast becoming a major subject that needs to be addresses in view of increasing boating activity in pristine areas around the Mediterranean which ought to be protected to the highest extent possible.

This picture was taken in the picturesque inlet of Mgarr ix-Xini, Gozo (recently used as set location for the upcoming movie "By the Sea" by Angelina Jolie).

The area in question used to be a site known for seahorse habitation, a rare and protected species which is now very rarely spotted, possibly due to habitat destruction from dragging anchors which act like ploughs, destroying indiscriminately both underwater vegetation, living organisms and disrupts their daily life to a lethal level.

Solutions, by way of fixed moorings, are easy to implement at low cost, but what really needs to be done is instil the will to preserve the world underneath with politicians and the leisure boating industry.

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