Sea Defences
Laura Hacking
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Canon EOS 100D
Image caption:

This is an image of the sea defences at New Brighton on the Wirral. These defences reduce the impact of incoming wave energy thus reducing erosion by trapping sediment and creating calmer waters for harbours and shipping. The defenses help to keep the beach at a certain level which is a natural defense against erosion and attract tourists to the area. These defenses could simply shift the erosion further down the coastline by causing sediment starvation. They are also costly to maintain and can be seen as unattractive. The advantages are thought to be much stronger than the disadvantages which is why this image should be published, to raise awareness of how these structures can both positively and negatively impact our beaches and seas and to create a discussion about the best method of coastal erosion prevention. The image has been converted into black and white, lightly sharpened and the contrast was slightly boosted. I used a tripod to create a long exposure.

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