Simply kelp
Julie Halliday
Age Group:
Over 18s
Falkland Islands
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
Canon 5-D
Image caption:

This moment in time captures the clean natural kelp of the Falkland Islands. Little is known about the vast amount of seaweed found in the Falklands; in fact there may be undiscovered kelp.

When fossicking along the shore rock pools, my son and I came across an abundance of beautiful kelp flowing in and out on the tide. Taken on the shore of Pebble Island.

I think this image shows the simplicity of the flora of our oceans. Kelp is a key component of coastal ecosystems providing the habitat and food source for a wide variety of marine life. In the Falklands it is a place where squid spawn, the interdependence between the marine flora, fauna and people are vital to our world.

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