Snorkeling with a Turtle
Umeed Mistry
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Nikon D70 in SeaNSea Housing
Image caption:

Sipadan is a beautiful island with amazing dive sites and a large number of Green turtles. I was diving at the edge of a wall and looked up to see this turtle swimming slowly along, with the couple snorkeling above it. It made me smile to see the girl excitedly tap her buddy and point to the turtle. They proceeded to follow it and I took this photograph. Sipadan is a protected island and the turtles have come to understand that human beings here aren't a threat. This turtle became one of the highlights of the snorkelers' day by allowing them to swim with him and watch him for a while before heading into deeper water.
It is these sort of experiences, and images, that emphasize the joy that people derive from the ocean and the benefits that sustainable tourism can bring to conservation and protection. If this image makes the viewer want to snorkel with turtles then that's one more person who begins to learn about the sea and our connection to it.

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