Testing the Waters
Adam Madojemu
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Canon 700D
Image caption:

This image depicts a person interacting with a body of water at a beach. He stands with his hands on his waist as he plays with the water. In the foreground, a pigeon walks along the sand. In the far background, ships sail across the coast. The image shows different layers of nature: the environment, animals, and humans. It also includes a manmade creation: the ships. The image is relevant to the category because it depicts an interaction between different elements of nature and a human. The person's posture seems to display a certain innocence, it could be implied that this is one of the first times the person has been on a beach. It is important that the image is published because it is possible for the waters to become too contaminated such that we wouldn't be able to interact with them safely any more. This would remove a level of interaction between humans and nature - a relationship that has existed for many centuries.

The image was corrected for color balance and shadows.

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