The Boy and the Sea
Aqiil Gopee
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Olympus FE-360
Image caption:

Once, many thought Mauritius to be doomed: our economy relied mainly on the exportation of sugar, and was slowly failing. Then, the sea saved us. This symbolic photo embodies its importance and shows how seminal the sea has been to our present. Firstly, tourism. Here, I photographed a young tourist near the shore of Pereybère Beach, 'fishing' with his DIY fishing net. Of course, he won't get lucky standing so close to the sand, but to the thousands of fishermen living on our coasts, the sea is a real treasure chest. It is a cornucopia of fish, crustaceans, shells and salt. Even if we ignore this economic dependence we have on the sea, we can still admire its sheer beauty and fight for its protection. Here, it captures the wisps of sunlight, reflecting them like a mirror. It's undulating wavelets embrace the boy's body as he stands, as if both were one. Light and shade collide in a beautiful dance of beauty and meaning.

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