The cycle of assistance
Jacob Beecham
Age Group:
Over 18s
United Kingdom
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
iPhone 5
Image caption:

Humans have the power to control the oceans; we can help them thrive or we can watch them die. The different shades of blue on the man, the sea and the sky is symbolic of the interaction between all three and how all three are assisting one another. The sky replenishes the oceans; the oceans bring great pleasure to the man; the man can ensure that the oceans and the skies are free of pollution. We have the power to decide the fate of our oceans and this image is a perfect example of the benefits of a clean ocean. Use it to inspire others to think about how much power we have over the seas; use it to send a message of how clean waters are vital for us to not only survive, but to live, to find happiness within every unique life form and landform that the ocean has to offer. We are surrounded by something beautiful; something that even today we are discovering how it operates and what lurks in its waters. We need the oceans. The oceans need us.

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