The mangrove’s value
Elizabeth Lok Fae Ling
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
Nikon D3100
Image caption:

Eleven years ago, in the year 2004, a tsunami hit Indonesia and destroyed Ache. That was the worst tsunami the world had ever seen. In the year 2011, another tsunami hit Japan, destroying Minato. I am grateful to God that I live in the Sabah state of Malaysia, which is also known as The Land Below The Wind. Though we in Sabah have not experienced the tsunami, we have all been shaken awake by the tsunamis that happened in Indonesia and Japan. This picture was taken during a visit to she Sabah wetland, which promotes the planting of mangrove trees along the coastal areas. Mangrove trees are long-living trees with breathing roots. When planted in large quantity in an area, they form a natural retaining wall against typhoons and tsunamis, protecting humans from any potential harm. The mangrove trees are trees of great value in protecting the human race from natural disasters. Thank God for His creation for mankind.

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