The Sorrow of India
Paowinson Kipgen
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Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
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I took this image on the river 'Narmada', which has got trails of history. History of tells how water has been an important element for life. Everywhere around the globe, there have been quarrels, tensions and even violence. However, here in the image I would like to express the importance of water and its sustenance, as well as its negative implications for man.
The image is not just a representation of 'water as life' but also 'water as dreadful' since the river Narmada, due to the 'Sardar Sarovar Dam' had engulfed several hundred thousands of acres of land, displaced more than two hundred thousands poor farmers, and above all displaced many important ecological habitats along the river site.
Therefore, sometimes it is important to highlight anti-nature activities in the name of 'development' and we must not feel guilty about it.

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