This is my home!
Noelyn Wagapu-Tuza
Age Group:
Over 18s
Solomon Islands
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Image caption:

This photograph was taken in Marovo Lagoon, Western Province in the Solomon Islands. In the Marovo Lagoon there are no roads, which means there are no vehicles. People rely on the ocean for their day-to-day needs. A wooden canoe with an outboard motor is the only transportation one can have. This photo potrays the simplicity of transportation and living in the Marovo Lagoon. This village boy, sitting in a canoe, embraces the beauty of what the ocean has to offer. This photograph should be published. If you take a good look at this photo you will see that not only is the ocean home to sea creatures but to human beings as well, just like you and me. If you destroy the ocean, you destroy your own kind. This is my future, this is my home!

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