Two Boys Fishing
Sefa Nkansa
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Canon EOS 5D MkIII
Image caption:

I photographed this in 2014 on a trip to the lake communities on Ghana's Volta lake. The trip was to investigate and document the ongoing efforts of a local NGO regarding the reduction of Child Labour through education and sensitization. These two boys were out by themselves with no support miles from land at a time when they should have been at school. I tried to capture the vastness and desolation of the lake as the backdrop against which they were working. Even for adults getting into trouble so far from land with no aid would have been terrible let alone for these two teenage boys. Very often images of this nature focus on the impact man has on his environment but in this case the exact opposite was true. Many young boys are lent or sold into conditions which are not far removed from modern day slavery to pay off family debts. They work in the harshest of conditions very often to the detriment of their health and education in an environment that is often unforgiving.

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