Runner Up - Human Impacts
Water World
Jashim Salam
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts Winners' Gallery
Camera Used:
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Image caption:

Saima (9) returns from school to find her house inundated by tidal floods.
Tidal floods have devastated most of the area of Chittagong city. Millions of people were marooned in tidal floods and life just ground to a halt.
Traders at Khatunganj and Chaktai, two major wholesale hubs of commodities, have been counting losses due to tidal surges for the three days in a row. Thousands of people and their houses were affected by tidal floods.
In the past few years, tidal surges - due to rising water levels as astronomy predicted - have begun to affect the city as much as twice a day, resulting in frequent flooding of residential and business areas.
If things continue to worsen, most of Chittagong could become completely submerged in the near future.

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