Where The Worlds Meet.
Adesuyan Adebowale
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
Nikon D7100
Image caption:

As beautiful as nature can be, as blue and pleasing to the eyes as a sea can be, the surrounding environment is one that must be handled with care.

I visited the Inagbe Grand Resort in Lagos Nigeria a few weeks ago for an outdoor shoot with some models, it was running late in the evening and I was keen on capturing a sunset at the beach, lo and behold, I was able to capture the world's meeting point (the sky, the land, and the ocean) as the sun sets, and the sea waves flows towards the shore. But the dirt around the seashore is very unhealthy and harmful to tourists and beach visitors.

This photograph is relevant to this category (nature's asset) because it brings together three of nature's major asset; the sea, sky, and land. And I think this image should be published not only because of the beauty it exhibits, but also for the environmental issues that could be noted from it, in order for the world to have better environment around our seashores.

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