Nadhiir Kurmoo
Age Group:
Over 18s
Nature’s Assets
Camera Used:
HTC One M9
Image caption:

Pont Naturel; Natural Bridge. The name conjures up the image of some picturesque arch over a gently-flowing river, complete with trailing ivy and fluttering flowers and birds. But the truth is something else entirely: a craggy link between promontories beneath which powerful waves ebb and flow relentlessly with wanton violence, the deep blue in the distance turning to milky white against the worn roseate rocks, slowly pushing back the land - and man - with each successive crash. The bluff, already hollowed out, is eroding, and beholding this sight, man's bluff erodes too: Nature is not all dainty beauty and merely the framework for man's lofty designs; it is wild and untameable, and it will take what it wills, and it will never be wholly subjugated to the whims of man. It will not suffer by destroying man, but he who remains heedless of the lesson that this unceasing spectacle holds out will suffer for his impudence.

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