Window to the future
Dave Aswat
Age Group:
Over 18s
Human Impacts
Camera Used:
Sony Cyber Shot DSC P200
Image caption:

This is a shot taken from an area close to Port Royal in Jamaica looking back across the water to Kingston Container Terminal.
In the foreground is the remains of an old dock and in the distant background dominating the landscape are the modern cranes so important to the modern shipping industry. The link between to the two is the ocean which was and still is an important medium for international trade, the life's blood of many small island states. The berth having served it's useful life is discarded, forgotten and left to rot, drawing a sharp contrast between the old and the new. One is left to wonder if the cranes have reached their useful life if they will be left to rot in a similar fashion. One is also left to ponder if the ocean will remain a constant.

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