Windows on fishing vessels
Stephen Aubury
Age Group:
Over 18s
People And The Oceans
Camera Used:
Lumix DMC-G6
Image caption:

A wall of windows, from which life looks out upon vessels that are the means to recoup life sustaining food from the surrounding seas, with the vessels likely being manned by the very people peering from behind the glass.
A shot of Valletta, Malta, taken from the Grand Harbour. As an island nation, the seas are so very important as a food source, especially where land for farming is at a premium. Even within the Grand Harbour there is space for the fishing fleet amongst the cruise liners, merchant ships and ship repair yards. It reinforces that for the world's important sea-based trading centres, there is a need for the little fishing vessels that endlessly go away, only to return having harvested whatever catch they may have gathered in.
I cannot think of a subject more suitable for the People and the Oceans category, for who has any more impact on the oceans than fishermen?

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